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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Endless Possibilities

This is a really interesting shop that G and I tripped over in Manteo NC.... To quote their brochure they are
an inovative recycling project that utilizes castoff fabric from the hotline thrift stores to weave fabric that is then transformed into unique rugs, handbags , totes and clogs....
We actually parked in front of this store... you walk into a huge room full of looms... all warped to make rag 'rugs'

100% of the sales go to the outer banks hotline. I not only came home with one rug (probably would have got more than one as at $25 I thought they were a deal... but by mid October the selection was pretty lean!) but I also have a lime green and navy pair of clogs! There were only 3 pairs of clogs left but two of them fit me.... so how could I not get a pair!
If you're in the area stop in and check out their goodies... if you live in the area or are visiting they offer classes for beginning weavers, or if you have sheets or other potential rags contact them ... their Hotline Philosophy:
is that everything and everyone deserves a second chance.
Endless Possibilities


Eileen said...

is that the resident cat...great find...

Islandgirl said...

Just about every store in Manteo has a resident cat... there are little bowls of food and water outside of most stores... normaly when you quit weaving your suppose to back off the tension... then the cat would have a hammock!