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Monday, November 24, 2008


Well the weather gods listened... I was praying for the sun god.... and he showed up! The roads were almost all clear by 1:30.... I was wrong about the stop sign at the bottom of the hill it was merely a yield sign so not stopping wasn't an issue.... G went first the deal was he wouldn't go round the corner....until there was enough room (time) for me to come sailing down the hill, go across the intersection, and around the corner without hitting someone who thought they had the right of way! The next 8 miles were driven at a very sedate 40 - 45 mph I did have a tailgater but since I wasn't setting the pace the guy couldn't blame me.... I was just trying to keep far enough behind G to avoid rear ending him! .... (we forgot to check and see if my brake lights still worked... even though the brakes didn't do anything... indicating that I was slowing down might have been useful... I drive a standard you can actually get quite slow downshifting into first)

Now we get to town and the 3 way stop.... this one is more or less level .. we are going straight through here so that I don't have to try and stop at the stop sign at the bottom of the hill getting onto main street! G goes through and I drift slowly through after him.... About this time I decide that I don't want to drive the 4 miles on the highway that I want to go through town on the road that parallels the highway... so I phone him... (I made I big point of finding my cell phone before we left) He doesn't have his cell phone on! So the highway it is the shoulder is still covered in snow.... I'm not really sure where I'm, going as I've never used this mechanic before.... all I know is it's just past the western entrance to St. George and it's on my side of the highway... found the road I'm going slow enough to turn in.. instructions were to leave it with the key near the big building out behind the house... Car gets abandoned in the middle of the yard because all the parking spots point down hill....

Everyone keeps telling me that there are front and rear brakes in cars and you can't loose them both at the same time.... well they are WRONG I went from good brakes to no brakes!

And my cell phone is still somewhere in the car... not sure where it landed when I threw it away in disgust when I realized that G didn't have his on!

The good news is it's still sunny today and tomorrow is suppose to be way above freezing so the snow should be gone by tomorrow afternoon! Who knows when I'll get my car back!

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