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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bead Table Wednesday (BTW)

These are inspired by Jo Tinley's (Daisy Chain Designs) tutorial on the Art Jewelry Elements blog
The silver wire was recycled silver that I melted and reformed into wire a couple of years ago, the links need a lot of filing!  Everything except the copper and solder was recycled!


I love  Bougainvillea... SO I decided to try and make one this week.  Since they come in almost every colour of the rainbow, I made mine fairly light since pinks are expensive enamels and I wasn't sure it woud work!  Would love to live somewhere I could grow them!


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Very pretty. The colors are amazing.

Jo said...

They are fantastic Lynne! I love seeing what people make with my tutorials, thanks so much for letting me know.
I love the colours on your enamelled flower too.

Patty Woodland said...

I adore bougainvellia too. I actually grew it in NJ - inside of course.

Your enameled flower is stunning

Islandgirl said...

I used to grow it in SK outside in the summer indoors in the winter, but can't find it for sale here!

kath001 said...

LOVE both!

Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...

I love what you've done with the clasp. And that other flower shape give me some ideas. Your enameled bougainvillea is perfect. Don't be jealous but I do have a bougainvillea in that color growing in the backyard.