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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spain.... Part 1 week one in Barcelona!

 Casa Batllo, Barcelona,  This is just about the first building we saw when we emerged from the subway station our first afternoon!
 Gord, sampling the local beer, all restaurants had beer taps and most of them dispensed the same beer...  The only thing that changed was the size and shape of glass it was served in!

 Casa Mila,  another of Antoni Gaudi's architectural wonders in Barcelona
 The Gothic center or old part of Barcelona, this was were we were really warned to hang onto our wallets.. we had no problems, but we met an American tourist  who lost his wallet in the big upscale down town department store !
 Just a neat building somewhere in Barcelona.. not sure what the eyeballs are for!
Most of downtown Barcelona is paved with Gaudi's tiles,  rough pavement makes hauling wheeled luggage much more difficult!

I could not live in an apartment that got so little sunlight!
Isn't this slide cute....!
Yep spend 9 hours on a plane to take a picture of Mcdonald's  and no we did not eat there...  I've never seen a McAuto before!
Barcelona's Botanical Gardens....  I was hoping for flowers it was all trees.... the Garden's are built up the side of a mountain ... there was a Bonsai exhibition at the top which was worth the hike even if the gardens were a bit disappointing!
One of the more unusual bonsai entries!
Guell Park... This is a wonderful place to spend half a day! The Mosaic lizard in my lizard post lives here!

These are at Guell Park too... 

Gatekeepers cottage at Park Guell
Stained glass in casa Batllo
Rooftop chimney's at casa Batllo

Stained glass inside Sagrada Familia  This church was started in 1882.... and is still a long way from completion!  And there are a lot of windows still waiting for their stained glass!
 4 of the many spires on the Sagrada Familia Church & Part of the interior 'ceiling'
Finca Guell... Dragon gate

 Sunset from our Hotel room in Barcelona....

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Pricilla said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your trip.

Kien said...

great pics :)
P/S: I love the cat ^^

Kien said...

Nice pics:)
P/S: I like ur black cat^^