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Friday, September 9, 2011

Genius in residence NOT!

I played around with my blog settings about a week ago.... and ever since then I haven't been getting any comments on my blog ????  So I tested by leaving myself one... that worked but then I deleted it so it looked like I'd been spamed... So I asked Jackie from KYDO (keep your designs original) to leave me a comment... she said she did... There still weren't any comments.... sigh, so then I went looking and guess where I found them? In a file under comments, called 'awaiting moderation'...!

I was under the illusion that I would get an email telling me that I had received a comment.... WRONG  Oh well all is well The 11 lost comments have now been found and published and I have discovered that I also have a spam folder and it is now empty!

And I discovered that I am allowed to leave comments on my own blog without them being moderated... Who would have figured!?

And since all blog posts must have an image... The jellyfish I made to replace Ghost Jelly... THis one is not nearly as stunning ... the original tenticles where fone in green,,, they did not show up ... so I redid them in white, but they are too close to the surface so got polished off!


Pricilla said...

Blogger can drive a sane person crazy

BluMoon said...

Oh dear Lynne, your not having a very good time with blogger or beads then, hope this get published...!!!

kath001 said...

I love the colors in the new bead. And since I'm unfamiliar with the process, I find it amazing no matter what you say! :)