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Monday, July 11, 2011

Update on Canada Post

Well we have our mail back...  First 'mail' was delivered last tuesday...  Today I got a letter that was mailed in Eastport Maine.... It was mailed June 20...  As the crow flies Eastport is 8 miles  (12 km)  That letter moved less than .4 miles a day... I'm sure the crow could have got it here in 2 days!

Today I sent my mother a birthday present... bubble wrap envelope (approx 10 in * 10 in * 1 in) cost me $17.00 Express Post 3 day delivery... However since Canada Post is  still backlogged by the strike they are not guaranteeing the 3 day delivery... They had no problem taking my money for the service but it may still take the 10 days that normal parcel mail would.... !


Pricilla said...

Gotta love a bureaucracy

kath001 said...

arggg. That IS frustrating!