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Monday, January 24, 2011

Bead Table Monday

New hopefully weekly post... What's on my Bead Table first thing on Monday morning..... The idea for this post was actually

Bead Table Wednesday... but my blog already has a wednesday post so your getting my Monday morning mess!
Week 1

Yes it's messy.. I do clean up between projects.... and I suppose that isn't technically a table it's actually a tray so I can carry it around with me... the original plan was to be able to take it in the car... so far it hasn't left the house!

What am I making.... the copper links (which I made yesterday) are for the chain to support my tassel for the tassel challenge. IF you too want to make a tassel for

Beadedbear's Nonsense and Complete Waste of Time: Tassel Challenge!

click on the link.... not sure if we're suppose to give previews on the tassels but here's a teaser

Still wondering about linking all of those copper elements together for the chain... the '#(#%)' tassel weigh's a ton... might need a counter weight hanging down my back ..... will obviously have to have the toggle clasp at the front ... but that's about the only given!

Check out other peoples bead tables by clicking on the link in the thread above this one!

1 comment:

Pricilla said...

The colors are lovely.

Heh, I like the title of the challenge