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Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Earl's Gotta Die"

Thankyou to the Dixie Chicks for that sentiment! Well all we have here is a tropical storm... and yes I spent a lot of yesterday gathering up things outside and bringing them in... I have a front hall full of garden birds.. a gallery full of flower pots, the hummingbird feeders are in the bathtub... well you get the picture!

I went outside at 7 am to find the cat it's kind of weird for it to be this warm when it is so windy and wet!

Not sure if that really shows much other than it's wet and cloudy and that the little blue boat in the back ground is still being held by it's two extra anchors! The trees don't even look terribly out of focus! I took the picture standing in the open doorway as it's actually raining quite hard now.


storybeader said...

hang on! Good time to go through everything and take an inventory {:-D

Islandgirl said...

Actually I did some of that on Friday... moving things away from a wall of windows facing the water! Actually it was very much a non event... just like the last hurricane they forecast last year!

They may cry wolf one to many times!