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Monday, September 7, 2009

Here's what's left of the gin bottle

I've had this Gin bottle for 3 years... my sister gave it to me EMPTY for my 50th birthday... Thought it was time to chop it up to see what kind of beads I could get... the edges are quite broken so most of the beads have edge scum.. if I peeled it there would be no glass left to turn into beads!

PS G chopped up the bottle... haven't tried making a bead using a piece that has the etching on it yet.....


Pricilla said...

Why would your sister give you an EMPTY gin bottle? hmmpff

Islandgirl said...

because she wanted me to make her some pretty blue beads! It only took me 3 years!

Jennifer Cameron said... let me get this got an empty gin bottle for your birthday so you could make some beads for your sister?!?!?! LOL! That's awesome. I am going to try giving my brother some wood for his birthday so he can make some shelves for me. LOL!