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Friday, July 24, 2009

Fab Friday Finds

Today I am featuring the SSSH which stands for Sizzling Summer Sale (is here) or SSSH don't tell anyone that the Starving Artists team on Etsy is having a big summer sale ... The sale is suppose to run from the 29th of July to August 2nd... My sale is going to run from the afternoon of August 28th until I get my store revamped the evening of August 3rd... Monday August 3rd is a holiday in Canada.

What is my deal... you will be getting a two for one.... Buy one 'bead' & get one of equivalent or lesser value free... Yep I'm giving away FREE beads... I have too many beads & I need to clear off my dining room table so that we can eat on it!This bead "A taste of Sunshine" has had over 600 views it's really looking for a new home... perhaps you can help it out!


Pricilla said...

Perhaps do you mean July 28th?
heh heh
I hope you have a very successsssssful sssssale

Islandgirl said...

OK your right.... I;ll leave it wrong and see if anyone else notices....

Haven't got the mail yet today we have gale force winds and driving rain.... I have a parcel that should be arriving any day now... wish Our rain gauge hadn't broken would be interesting to see how much rain we've got so far today!