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Monday, February 23, 2009

Snow snow go away.....

In case you hadn't figured it out I'm home! A mere 24 hours late If you want to find out how much fun I had during that 24 hours check out my rant for Feb 22, 2009... My suitcase containing my ski boots weighed in at exactly 50.0 pounds... I was SO impressed!

I actually thought when I left that I would come home to a greatly reduced pile of snow... I was so wrong! The front yard really is gone... my perennials certainly won't die from lack of snow cover!

This was what the yard looked like on Saturday when I got home.. Check the railing in the next picture!

And to the right on your screen is what it looks like NOW!!!!

Well according to the snow shoveler we got another 10 -12 inches of snow last night... All I know is that I was trying to watch an Agatha Christie movie Pocket full of Rye last night and the Satellite dish quit half way through! Fortunately I've read all of her books many times and more or less know who did it! May have to read the book again to find out for sure which of the dastardly males did it!

Gord told the installer that putting the dish where he put it wasn't a good idea... this is the third or 4th time it's quit since we got it in December!

I fixed the link to the book written by my One World One Heart winner scroll down to my previous post!


Pricilla said...

Now you know how I was feeling in December!

storybeader said...

hope your power didn't go out - I was hearing about people in Maine with power outages. Welcome home!

Jill said...

What a traveler you are!
Welcome home, hope it's warmer than it looks! Love your new jellyfish bead.