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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Another Canada Post strike..............

Thanks to Canada Post I have Officially moved Christmas 2018 to Mid March 2019, unless you live within driving distance of me you will not be receiving gifts until March and cards probably never.  I am not paying $45 to 'ship' a 3 pound parcel across Canada so that it can be under the tree on Christmas Day  Forget it!...  Canada Posts rates are bad enough !  And I will not add to the backlog of letters etc in Toronto by mailing Christmas Cards........

I actually missed the beginning of the strike as we spent 18 days in AZ... the weather was lovely, which it was not and still is not here... We have SNOW Gack....
We spent out first morning in AZ at the AZ Sonora Desert Museum, Thunderstorms hit about 12:45 so we left to avoid getting stuck on the wrong side of  a raging torrent... think this place is worthy of a repeat visit!

This was flaming sushi... which means it really wasn't sushi anymore since the flames basically cooked it.. was fun watching it flame though!

Painted petroglyph Park, definitely worth the $2.00 parking fee!


 The closet thing to a selfie that you will ever see me post!

Standin' on a corner in Winslow AZ... such a fine sight to see
And yes there is a flat bed Ford parked there!

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